The sculpture titled “Mass, Entropy, and Odds” was designed using the virtual reality sculpting programs  Gravity Sketch and Medium, printed and assembled using renewable polyactide (PLA) plastic on three-dimensional (3D) printers, and painted with enamel and acrylic paints. 3D printers were intentionally chosen to emphasize using new technology to create physical objects that were designed exclusively in virtual reality. The  sculpture takes the form of a book and is the second volume in a collection inspired by the illustrative components found in medieval era illuminated manuscripts. Looking at a book, even in a sculptural form, evokes an expectation that knowledge is stored within. The title and contents of this book are my personal take on unified field theory: a topic of particle physics that yearns to discover the elusive relationship between Einstein’s theory of relativity and quantum physics. In short, the laws of gravity mysteriously do not work the same on the quantum level. The sculpture explores my theory that the gravity discrepancy can be explained by correlating the universe’s mass with the external forces of entropy coupled with the odds of probability . The unique interface of virtual reality gave me the ability to play with my ideas regarding the theory of relativity in a simulated quantum environment. For example, a page would start as a simple thin rectilinear shape  (mass) and then using my hands “virtually” I  (entropy)  would pull, tear, and twist the shape like the invisible forces of gravity; furthermore, the location and intensity of interactions between mass and entropy were deliberately guided by simple mathematical patterns (odds). The other volumes of this book explore the same concept; however, they are constructed using alternative mediums.

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