Psychokinetic Gallery
Image - Detail from Mind Body Spirit

What is Psychokinetic?
Psychokinetic is a term I made up to describe this style of artwork. It started as an exercise gleaned from my art school days where the instructor would warm up the class by doing a series of fast scribble drawings. I took this exercise and applied some arbitrary mystical/mathematical incantations coupled within a two-dimensional restrictive matrix. 
First I commit to a thought or purpose and concentrate so that it is the only thing in my mind. Next I grab some medium, usually a large bold marker or stick oil crayon, and let my hand mark work the medium on the blank paper with no intention except the original thought. The arm naturally draws the lines on the paper without any conscience control. Like a musical composition, the first marks set the theme of the piece and will directly influence the entire composition. With that in mind, I go bold with big deliberate marks with no hesitations. It is simply sub-conscience intentions fueling the natural muscled spams of my arm, hence the name Psychokinetic.
Rules generate themselves as the piece develops, usually forming color alliances and factions followed with heavy negotiations for the finite white space left on the paper. The two dimensional restrictive matrix means no two colors are supposed to overlap. But just like Frank said in Scarface, "Not everbody follows the rules".