Orange Tree Number Two

Image - Orange Tree Number Two – Orange Detail

Orange Tree is the first icon of my “template series”, and this is the second iteration. The first iteration is the icon for the website. For this tracing, I chose to only use the colored pencils without any inks or paints. I’m having fun with the template series, the random differences and additions each version produces sparks joy when each of their personalities become apparent. Because of the symbolic nature of this symbol, I may approach each version with a different medium to create a collection of striking contrast. 

Image - Orange Tree Number Two – Castle Detail

Using colored pencil exclusively was remarkably like eating comfort food. When I was a teenager many of my drawings were all colored pencil. While drawing this I found myself listening to a lot of acts like Tears for Fears, Pet Shop Boys, The Cure, and Depeche Mode just like when I was drawing back then. There is a softness to the lines from the pencil that I really enjoy, almost like a good old-fashioned photograph. If I were to illustrate a children’s story book I would likely use only colored pencils.

Image - Orange Tree Number Two – Skull Detail

I always loved the diagrams in science books when they would show cross section illustrations of cell structures, or geological rock layers, or plants with their roots in the many layers of soil. These skulls appeared from the root tracings, as they are not from the template source.