Orange Tree Number 3.0

Here is the first prototype of a continuing series I plan on running under the 3.0 moniker. This is a 3D printed extraction of a drawing of the Orange Tree icon for the website. It was printed using a MakerBot 5th gen using a regular un-tinted PLA medium. Dimensions are about 21.5 cm by 17 cm by 1 cm. The print was then sprayed with a high gloss enamel spray and then dipped into a layer of black acrylic paint to bring out the extraction. The paint was applied thick as to provide additional detail to the form. After this prototype, I plan on trying different methods and mediums of paint.

I’ve been avoiding using the colored PLA because I’ve never been satisfied with their vibrancy in comparison with proper paint. In addition; there is a level of detail that the MakerBot simply cannot accommodate and the paint can provide a good solid coat to cover the minute gaps that appear in these prints. I am looking forward to getting my new Owl Works Delta printer which uses the new LIPS system and allow for extreme detail. If this printer steps up, I may have to get their larger production model called the Morpheus.

I have more designs coming, the Orange Tree was simply an introduction for me to the process. I anticipate more curved and intricate displays in the future. If there is an interest in this kind of art I plan on selling these and others of various varieties. Halloween is around the corner, perhaps this is where I go next.