It Tickles

It Tickles (detail) - 2004

This was a painting I made around 2004. It was painted on an old piece of plywood approximately 4’ by 8’ using acrylic paint. I don’t have many pictures from this era and so I feel fortunate to have stumbled across this one. The piece sold immediately to a couple who also happen to be the most prolific collectors of my work. I sincerely hope it still decorates their bedroom wall.

I started to make this painting after a night of heavy drinking, which was an all too common occurrence at that time. Stumbling home from the bar late one evening in the quiet midtown section of Sacramento, I found this large piece of plywood laying on the sidewalk. In my drunken state I decided this would make a great canvas for a large painting. So, in what I could only image was a hilarious spectacle I hoisted the large piece of wood and balanced it on my head and continued my trek home. I completed the evening by washing the board down as it was filthy along with my head on which it was perched, and covered it with its first layer of gesso to seal it.

The subject of the painting is tinged with lust and sensuality which reflected my inspirations at that time. There is no subtlety to the work as it was simply meant to capture a moment of intense sensation, specifically on a pair of women’s feet. You may read into that as much as you’d like.

The work itself took about a week or two to finish and is now the largest “complete” painting I have ever made to date.